To reduce double data entry, you can forward any emailed assignment into

For example, you received an email from XactAnalysis telling you that you have a new claim and within the email are the details of the forward that email into!

Every email forwarded into will appear as a "new claim".

There are two ways to accomplish this:

  1. Manually forward it (pretty simple)
  2. Setup an auto-forward (still pretty easy but requires a few steps...see below)

Here are the steps to set up an auto-forward in Gmail

  1. Locate your Email Address under the "Settings" page in  Example of a email address:
  2. In Gmail (how to set up auto-forwarding)
    1. Click the gear icon in the upper right of your Gmail account and select "Settings"
    2. Click the "Forwarding and IMAP/POP" tab
    3. Select "Add Forwarding Address"
    4. Enter your email address (i.e.:
    5. Go to and find the Email Verification code sent by Gmail. The email sent by Gmail will appear under the "New Claims" on the map page. Open by double-clicking and scrolling to the bottom to find the verification code.
  3. In  Find the verification code sent from Gmail to  It will be listed as a "new/received" claim.  Copy the code.
  4. Back in Gmail
    1. In Gmail, paste the verification code to verify email.
    2. In Gmail, select "Filter and Blocked Addresses" tab
    3. Select "Create New Filter"
    4. Enter in the email address ( in the FROM
    5. Enter the word "assignment" in the SUBJECT.  Make sure you test your filter to only target NEW CLAIMS from XactAnalysis.
    6. Click "Continue"
    7. Select the box "Foward to:" and select your email address
    8. Click Done!

After this, every new assignment received from here on out from Xact (based on your filter settings) will be sent to as well!